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Whilst the UK as a nation has opted to leave the European Union, the UK still remains a highly skilled and attractive place for business and a nation of great strength and competitive advantage over many economies.

During the run up to the referendum it has been absolutely clear that the North East has a thriving market trading with the EU. We will assist businesses in the region to identify the changes resulting from Brexit which will impact them and assist them to plan accordingly to mitigate as much impact as possible. As a North East based business, we are committed to helping our clients and contacts in the region to navigate a period of what we see as undoubted regulatory change.

UK and North East businesses must continue to do what they do best, pull together and find new ways to innovate and drive growth and make the most of opportunities ahead. We’ll be holding events in the near future to discuss the impact and what Brexit really means for the UK, you, your business and your business sector.

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How will Brexit affect the Manufacturing sector?


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