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We can help you and your business to manage tax costs and risks and claim the reliefs and exemptions you are entitled to


Our aim is to help turn good deals into great deals. Our specialist team of experienced tax advisers can assist you to manage the tax cost of the most complex “Mergers & Acquisitions”.

Whether your business transaction involves an acquisition or disposal, or a reorganisation of a current group structure, tax should be a key consideration which is considered in the planning process to ensure that the wide range of tax reliefs and exemptions available are considered at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our specialists can help you to plan your transaction so that the key drivers for the transaction are understood from a tax perspective and the potential tax costs and savings are identified.  Our services include structuring acquisitions and disposals in a tax efficient manner, reviewing legal documentation for the transaction and structuring incentive mechanisms for key management to ensure that management grow the value of the business to maximise disposal proceeds.



  • Pre-sale tax reviews to maximise future sale proceeds through early identification of manageable tax costs where appropriate structuring will enable a more tax efficient transaction
  • Reviewing and advising on the structure of an proposed deal to ensure that post-tax proceeds are maximised for the shareholders and structuring incentives to ensure management are aligned with the shareholders
  • Linking advice to our Wealth Management team to ensure tax efficient investment of proceeds



  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax warranty and indemnity reviews



  • Mergers and de-mergers
  • Purchase of own shares and capital reductions


Creation of group structures

Claire and her team did a great job, I just wished we’d outsourced sooner.

Donna MacDonald, The Protector Group

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