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Find out more about how our specialist Not for Profit team can help your organisation to achieve more.


We work with some of the region’s most active housing associations and are proud to support them in achieving not only their statutory compliance obligations, but also to realise their objectives.

We understand that RSHPs can take on various legal forms, from former Industrial and Provident Societies, to charitable bodies or Cooperatives.  This often raises interesting challenges for both the Managing Committees and their Managing Agents who are bound by more regulatory and compliance requirements than most. Our experienced team offer a tailored mix of accounting, taxation and advisory services and are always available to help, whether it’s dealing with legislative changes or giving advice and guidance to enable the RSHP to operate efficiently.


How can we help?

We believe that RHSPs need more than just compliance support, so whilst our Not-For-Profit team are available to help with the provision of compliance services, we can also help the Managing Committee to discharge other duties and answer any questions you may have throughout the year.

Just a few of the areas that we can help your RSHP with include:

  • Internal audit services, to ensure systems and controls are fit for purpose
  • Accounts preparation and compliance with the prevailing Act(s)
  • Assurance services – audit
  • Advice and practical assistance with VAT planning
  • Accessing finance funds, as well as Local, National and European Grants
  • Financial forecasting and modelling
  • Pensions and other employee matters, including ways to mitigate payroll costs

As treasurer of two large charitable groups, it is re-assuring to know that Tait Walker’s Not for Profit team are always approachable and have the necessary expertise and experience in all financial, governance and strategic matters relating to charities and their subsidiaries. A great team to work with.

R.I Watson – Trustee NECA

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