Business Accountants Stockton

Our business accountants in Stockton and around the North East have over 80 years of experience in their field, providing top-quality financial support to a wide variety of clients, in a wide range of sectors. Including SMEs, sole proprietors, and complex group businesses.  To ensure the best quality support is provided, the team works closely with their client to understand the business, its financial position, and how best they can help. The team will also refer their client to other teams within Tait Walker to provide further advice and a full service. 

Business Valuation Stockton 

Valuing your business may need to be done for many reasons. This can include valuations for growth, investments and buying or selling. Our Stockton and North East based teams can support you through the business valuation process and ensure your end goal is achieved. 

Business owners tend to underestimate the worth of their business. We understand that the value depends on the buyer although trading conditions and market position need to be heavily considered. Even if you’re not looking to sell your business, understanding its value should be checked regularly to support your personal wealth plan. 

Our business valuation advisors in Stockton and around the North East guarantee that only accurate and efficient advice will be provided. Using years of experience our accountants will use valuation techniques that will value your business based upon the circumstances at hand. 

The team can help you with:

Buying a business

This is an efficient method of growing your business and our acquisition specialists will help research businesses you may want to acquire and develop a tailored strategy for this. 

Selling a business

Selling a business requires just more than a valuation. The team will help you understand the shareholder objectives and provide accurate assessments of your business, also identifying intangible assets and their value. 

Responding to an offer to buy your business

If an offer to buy your business is made off-market it can be difficult to make a decision. Our business valuation team will aid you in understanding the nature and value of the offer, before a decision is made.

Management buyouts

The business valuation team can advise you on all aspects of management buyout, this can be a management buy in or vendor initiated management buyout.

Strategic reviews

This can help maximise the potential of your business. The team will provide a critical assessment of your current position and where you desire to be. They will then develop a tailored strategy which can increase growth, shareholder value and job retention. 

Raising finance

Accessing funds to support business growth can be difficult at times. Our team has strong connections with banks and financial institutions, which can be a source of funding. 

Financial due diligence

Before buying a business it is important to highlight any potential issues that may arise. Our team is highly experienced in financial due diligence which can support you before committing to buying a business. They have worked with UK banks, international PLCs, and local and national private equity funders.

Audit Services

We think that an audit is more than a regulatory exercise, and our team will go above and beyond to support you throughout the process. 

Our Stockton and North East based teams will identify any risks and opportunities within your business, whilst monitoring business governance – this is vital when selling your business or accessing funding. 

Through our partner led, integrated approach we use our technical expertise and experience to provide you with an expert audit service. 

Your dedicated partner will work alongside you, becoming an extension of your business and make the audit process seamless by using their expertise to better your business. 

If you’d like further information about our Business Accounting Stockton, call 01641 676 888 or email