Corporate Finance Durham

Quality financial advice is essential to ensuring your business is successful. Our award winning Corporate Finance teams in Durham and the North East advise on all types of financial transactions, including strategic reviews, raising finance, and buying and selling businesses. 


Our team are highly experienced, working with a diverse portfolio of clients from international corporations to family run businesses and SMEs in the North East.

Buying a Business in Durham

Business acquisition can be one of the most effective ways to grow your business, however it takes time and resources on top of your working day that many people don’t possess. We have a stream of clients who are keen to acquire, but need somebody to manage the project who can devote their undivided time and attention to the acquisition to ensure it runs smoothly, and that’s where we come in.

Our team of acquisition specialists are always available to help you through the transition from start to finish. They are experts at identifying potential targets and have experience in every stage of the process to ensure the deal is completed with minimal stress.

We will:

  • Develop a tailored acquisition strategy 
  • Conduct research to identify and approach potential businesses in the UK and overseas 
  • Maximise your offer for the business you wish to target 
  • Source private equity funding
  • Plan you tax requirements 
  • Conduct financial due diligence
  • Work with your lawyer to manage the deal through to completion 

Selling a Business in Durham

The first and most important step of selling a business is having a plan in place that covers the process from start to finish. Whether it’s for family succession or an exit plan, you need to know that every eventually is covered and planned for, and that you’re getting the right value for your business. 

Our Corporate Finance team in Durham and the North East will help you to:

  • Understand shareholder objectives and strategic options
  • Value your business
  • Identify areas to enhance value pre-sale
  • Confidentially research, identify and contact prospective purchasers globally
  • Prepare an information memorandum
  • Negotiate leads with potential buyers
  • Project manage the sales process to completion

Business Sales Durham

Received an offer for your business? Struggling to decide what to do, and if it’s the best move for you? Let us help.

When an offer for a business is made off market, it’s often difficult for you to make the right decision on what to do and owners must react quickly and intelligently.

 These are the things you need to consider:


  • What does the potential buyer know about your business, and is what they know based on facts and figures, or assumptions and anecdotes?
  • Do you understand the true value of the offer, and what you’ll walk away with after fees and taxes?
  • Is your company ready for an in-depth electronic data room based on financial due diligence approach?
  • Are you able to identify the deeper data that is vital in modern financial due diligence to allow a deal to progress smoothly?
  • Does your data support the story that you have told the buyer?

 Get in contact with our team of experts to assist your directors and finance team to respond to the offer in a confident and confidential manner.

Financial Modelling

The MHA Corporate Finance team work closely with the financial modelling team to create cash flow forecasts, investment appraisals, structuring equity or debt funding. They’re experts in evaluating complex strategic decisions, helping you to run your business at maximum efficiency. 


Similarly, our Corporate Finance and Tax teams work closely to ensure that your business has the best advice to improve your cash flow. This includes research & development grants, reviewing enhanced capital allowances or altering the timing of the payment of VAT and PAYE.

Management Buyouts

Our team has a wealth of experience handling and advising on all kinds of management buy outs:

  • Management Buy Outs: We assist the MBO team to buy non-core assets or a company from the owners.
  • Vendor Initiated MBOs: When the retiring owner offers the company to management with some cash up front, then the remainder is paid over time.
  • Management Buy Ins: When the key individual buying the business is known to the company but does not currently work within it.

 You can read some of our past management buyout case studies here.

Raising Equity Finance

 Whether you’re looking to expand your business, refinance or release value, raising equity finance can be a challenge. Our expert Corporate Finance team work closely with management and private shareholders to secure the most effective funding opportunities.

 The Corporate Finance team in Durham and across the North East can:

  • Develop your business plan and strategy
  • Plan your forecasts and financial modelling
  • Source funding solutions
  • Present opportunities to funders and negotiate the best packages.
If you require further information about Corporate Financing Durham, call 0191 379 1099 or email