Corporate Finance Stockton

The Corporate Finance Teams in Stockton and the North East are fully dedicated to making sure your business is successful. 

The award-winning Corporate Finance team at Tait Walker covers a wide range of services which includes raising finance, strategic planning, buying and selling companies and a range of financial and corporate transactions for SMEs, corporations and family businesses.

 The Stockton and North East team cover:

Buying a Business: 

Our clients commonly come to us as they’re looking to acquire a new business but need support with managing the entire process, whilst they are spending time running their business. Our team will go above and beyond to make sure the entire process of buying a business is both seamless and smooth. 

Many of our clients come to us as they’re looking to purchase a new business but are unsure how to manage the process. Our team will ensure this process is seamless. Through:

  • Developing an acquisition strategy 
  • Undertaking research to identify and approach target businesses
  • Enhancing your offer for the business you wish to acquire 
  • Securing finance and identifying funding requirements 
  • Planning tax requirements 
  • Undertaking Due Diligence 
  • Working with your lawyer to project manage the deal

Selling a Business:

If you’re selling your business, it’s very important that the right plan is in place. This can include a family succession or exit plan. Whatever you decide, we will make sure you get the right value for your business. We specialise in selling privately owned companies to trade buyers and if this is the route you wish to take we will ensure shareholder wealth is maximised – ensuring you get the right deal. 

The team can help:

  • You to understand shareholder objectives and strategic options
  • With valuing your business 
  • Identify where you can enhance your business before the sale
  • Contact purchasers confidentially
  • Prepare an Information Memorandum
  • Negotiate with buyers
  • Manage the sales process through to completion

Responding to an approach to buy your business: 

Sometimes a business is sold off-market, and if this happens the owner needs to respond quickly. Although the decision may be difficult. Our corporate finance team in Stockton and across the North East will work with you, your lawyers, shareholders and senior management to guide you through this process.

There are some questions you will need to ask when considering the sale:

  • Is this offer based on true data or assumptions? 
  • What does the buyer know about you and your business? 
  • Do you understand the offer and its value after tax?
  • Is the company ready for an in-depth data room based financial due diligence approach?
  • Can you identify the data that is required for modern financial due diligence processes?
  • Does your data support what you told your buyer?

Financial Modelling:

The financial modelling team can manage cash flow forecasts, investment appraisals and they can structure equity and debt funding. The team is also highly experienced in evaluating complex decisions that help you run your business efficiently. The team will also give you the best advice regarding your cash flow and how to improve it. The advice they provide can cover eligibility for tax credits, reviewing capital allowances and enhancing your VAT and PAYE payments. 

Management Buyouts:

Our corporate finance team in Stockton and over the North East have extensive experience in all aspects of management buyouts, which enables them to provide efficient support and advice. This covers, assisting the purchase of non-core assets or the company from its owners when involved in a management buyout. They support vendor initiated management buy outs which gives the management team the opportunity to purchase the company. The team can also provide advice on management buy-ins. A deal can be structured through the management team, vendor advice, Newco advice, financial forecasting,  financial due diligence and business planning for the funder.

Raising Equity Finance:

Raising finance can be difficult, at any point in the businesses life cycle. This can become extremely more complicated and challenging when the business owners wish to expand, refinance or release value. Our team works with private shareholders and management to support the process fully – raising private equity and debt finance, in the best way for the client. 

Our Corporate Finance team will:

  • Develop your business plan, strategy, financial modelling and forecasts 
  • Access funding opportunities 
  • Present any opportunities to potential funders 
  • Negotiate appropriate funding packages and manage this to completion

Strategic Reviews:

To assess the position of the company, we will work alongside our clients to carry out strategic reviews. This can support growth, shareholder value and job retention. In the valuation process, we will reference sustainable profitability, maximising and developing a financial plan for you. This will identify ways in which shareholder value can be maximised, outlining a clear strategic route with milestones. 

Financial Due Diligence:

For trade buyers or funders, we will aid the financial due diligence process and requirements. Our team has experience in working with international PLCs, major UK banks, UK trade buyers, local and national private equity funders. The team has knowledge of family-owned businesses and SMEs, which allows them to offer the best levels of service. They will look into historic balance sheets, focussing on traditional financial due diligence, so you can understand the entire picture. This is supported by their work with the data insight team, to validate and evidence growth for external data and internal management information for the company that is being targeted. 


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