Financial Data Books

We have developed several Financial Data Books to suit a range of needs. Our Data Books are built to be automatically refreshed when needed, creating an instant view of your business and removing the time-consuming task of report creation.

Our Data Books are designed to give you a detailed and professional document that enables you to share information, create reports, share with banks and stakeholders, use as part of your board pack and to demonstrate good governance should you be looking to raise finance or even sell your business.

Our Data Books are created by connecting directly to outputs from your financial system and financial forecasting process and can include:
  • Highlight key operational and performance metrics for weekly/ monthly/ quarterly progress to date
  • Analysis of Debtors, Customers average days to pay, project cash inflows and overdue debt.
  • Analysis of creditors and timing of cash outflows based on credit terms
  • High level data summaries for report creation or circulating key information to stakeholders
  • End of period reporting for all measures in the mid-period reporting above, as well as Year to Date analysis
  • Well-structured summaries of your P&L and Balance sheet, including month to date, year to date, outturn performance, leading 12 months and 6:6 if applicable
  • Customer analysis for period end and year to date.
  • Up to date positions on key balance sheet items
  • Detailed analysis of cash and working capital (Debtors, creditors, stock)
  • Detailed view on your cash cycle
  • Period end vs prior period and vs forecast (if applicable) for P&L and Balance sheet items
  • Highlight of key drivers for shareholder value