Free R&D Advance Assurance

HMRC’s new Advance Assurance for a small company’s first R&D Claim – we’ll do it for free! 

In November 2015 HMRC launched an Advance Assurance program for small companies who are making their first R&D Tax Relief claim.

Advance Assurance is a voluntary and non-statutory scheme for companies that have already undertaken R&D and those who intend to undertake R&D. The program will focus on first time claimant smaller companies (turnover under £2m and fewer than 50 employees). Successful applicants will have assurance from HMRC that their first three years of R&D tax relief claims will be accepted.

HMRC piloted the Advance Assurance process in 2011 with 30 companies across the UK including one of our clients.   Tait Walker successfully secured the Advance Assurance for our client in 2011 and so we are ideally placed to advise your company on what is involved in the process and what the Advance Assurance actually means for your company’s R&D claims.

If you engage Tait Walker to prepare your first three R&D claims we will secure your Advance Assurance free of charge!

Why Tait Walker?

  • We have claimed more than £20m for more than 350 North East based claimants with a 100% success rate
  • We have worked with all major sectors including manufacturing, engineering, automotive, oil & gas, software, healthcare and food & drink
  • We were the only North East accountancy firm shortlisted to participate in the Advance Assurance pilot program in 2011 and we have unparalleled knowledge about how the scheme operates. Find out more here.
  • We will complete your Advance Assurance application as a first step in preparing a no-risk, successful R&D Tax Relief claim application, enabling you to maximise the value of your R&D Tax Relief claims in the first three years of your claims.

Can’t I obtain the Advance Assurance myself?

  • Yes you can, but if you give HMRC the wrong information it may cause your application to be rejected when it should be approved
  • HMRC will assess your application based on what you tell them and will not question the information you supply, even if it incorrectly suggests that you do not qualify
  • An incorrect Advance Assurance application could cause you to think that you do not qualify when in fact you do

To get started with your claim and your Advance Assurance application, please contact Alastair Wilson on 0191 285 0321 or email