Welcome to our 2018 Export Campaign

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our 2018 Export Campaign. Throughout the summer and autumn we’ll be hosting a series of events and sharing videos and content. We’ll be discussing the key challenges and opportunities in the region for export and how Brexit will impact future trading. We’d love to include guest content and to hear your views, so please feel free to send us blogs, suggested content or videos, or things you’d like us to include in the campaign discussions.

Our Managing Partner, Andrew Moorby talks Export and why this campaign is so important

Why is export so important?

Export has a number of factors that are important to us as individuals, as a region and as a nation. It drives economic growth and regional wealth via job creation, wages and skills and makes the region and country a much better place to live and do business.

In the past we have been very reliant on consumer spending to drive our economy, but there is a limit to how long this can last. It builds an uneven economy, one more prone to uncertainty and financial shocks and comes with enhanced risk.

In the long term, a country built partly on consumer spending, but also increased exports leads to a stronger and more stable environment. Statistics show that companies who export tend to grow more quickly than companies that don’t.

The impact of Brexit on exporting

Throughout the Brexit process, our exchange rate has moved in such a way that it has made our export more competitive. We need our key companies to identify and make use of this and drive economic growth. For every individual in the UK there are 113 similar people around the world. If you look at the wider world for sales, you open up to a much bigger market and create lots more opportunity for your business.

Brexit is likely to create a little more friction when selling to traditional markets. Even those companies who already export should be taking the time to reassess who they export to, how and why, and what may change in the future.

Exporting in our region

As a region we have a strong heritage of manufacturing and export, with some amazing businesses exporting goods and services. So, what stops us all considering new markets?

Many of the clients we work with export, but many talk to us about their concerns and the barriers they face. These include issues surrounding exchange rates, culture, politics and language. We know it’s much easier to sell to our neighbour, so how can we encourage a global approach?

Our campaign aims to look at some of these concerns and work with experts across many different sectors and groups to consider what we can do to make exporting easier and more successful for us all.

Click here to see our export campaign timetable and find out more about our upcoming events and content.

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