What to do if your company cannot file accounts with Companies House on time due to coronavirus

If coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected your company and you need more time to file your accounts, you should act before your filing deadline.

Your company should take appropriate measures to ensure accounts are filed on time. You should also file your accounts online if you’re able to.

If, immediately before the filing deadline, it becomes apparent that accounts will not be filed on time due to your company being affected by coronavirus, you may make an application to extend the period allowed for filing.

You should wherever possible apply online with your email address; the Company Registration Number and the reason for applying (i.e. the impact of Covid 19).

Late filing penalties

If you do not apply for an extension and your accounts have been filed late, an automatic penalty will be imposed.

Each appeal is treated on a case-by-case basis, and policies are in place to deal with appeals based upon unforeseen poor health. Appeals based upon COVID-19 will be considered under these policies.

The link to apply is shown below:


Further information can be found on the Gov.uk website.