Charity Commission – Improving the Register of Charities

The Register of Charities plays a vital role in helping people make informed decisions about which charities to support. You can use it to check the 170,000 charities which are registered, download data for research, find out whether donations are being spent in the way they should, and search for charities that might be able to help you.

The Commission updated the register to a new version back in September 2020 to give more useful information (such as employee benefits and income from Government sources.

What has been improved;
• Quick search to allow an easier search without having to return to the landing page
• Downloading of data (particularly for batch downloads) is easier to allow users to perform their own analysis of the Register’s data.
• Where a charity has sought a filing extension, messaging to clearly identify where it has been agreed
• Detailed breakdown of financial history and prior 5 year’s assets and liabilities in interactive charts
• Linking charities with fund transfers

The Charity Commission’s new version of the Charity Register can be viewed and further feedback provided.

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