Charity Commission revises COVID-19 guidance for the sector

The Charity Commission for England and Wales has published updated guidance in April 2021, for the frequently asked questions it has been asked during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Charity Commission has also used the opportunity to remind charities that their approach to regulation during the uncertain period will be as flexible and pragmatic as possible in the public interest.

The contents published by the Charity Commission include help on the following areas:

  1. Government financial support for charities
  2. Charity meetings
  3. AGMs and other meetings: postponing or cancelling meetings
  4. Holding meetings online or by telephone
  5. Insolvency help for charitable companies and charitable incorporated organisations
  6. Mergers and collaborative working
  7. Using reserves and restricted funds
  8. Insolvency help for charitable companies and charitable incorporated organisations
  9. Further advice on managing financial difficulties
  10. Charity objects: understand if you can help with coronavirus efforts
  11. Reporting serious incidents to the Charity Commission
  12. Keeping people safe
  13. Fundraising and coronavirus appeals
  14. Trading subsidiaries – financial support from parent charities
  15. Reducing or returning contractual fees in return for a modified service
  16. Working with a company or business to help with coronavirus
  17. Charity statement of recommended practice (SORP) guidance
  18. Information from other organisations

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