How does COVID-19 affect charities?

In the current situation, it will be the charity sector that will be called on to support people impacted by coronavirus, increasing demand on services at a time when income will be reducing.

There will be increased pressure on Trustees and Management teams to make difficult decisions.

The government said that it will look at what support can be provided to charities affected. Details of the package of support are expected to be announced at the end of this week. We are also starting to see appeals for donations to response and recovery funds and the charity the National Emergencies Trust.

The Charity Commission has said that if a charity needs to delay filing of their annual return, they can ask for an extension.  Charities will also be able to benefit from some of the wider measures introduced by the Chancellor on 17 March.

This is an evolving situation and we will have more information as time and the situation moves on.  We have set up a dedicated coronavirus hub to provide information to our clients as and when it is available, and this will be updated as further guidance on support for charities is received.

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This blog originally appeared on the blog of one of our fellow MHA member firms, MHA Moore & Smalley.