Data Driven Influence

This blog post was written by Graham Dotchin, Data Insight Associate Partner.

I think the government has done an excellent job in distilling its goals and aims against Covid -19 into something visual and measurable that the population universally understands.

Through constant messaging, referencing and examples, ‘The Curve’ was first.

We knew it would rise, we hoped it would peak quickly and we longed to be on the other side. ‘The Curve’ took a complex issue and made it visual, people could see progress, they could see the impact of their actions and they could see change. Getting past the peak and protecting the NHS has been everyone’s key focus.

Now we have R.

We can use our understanding of The Curve to illustrate what impact R will have, and even if we don’t fully understand the mechanics of how R is calculated, the impact it can have is clear:

If R is greater than 1 the curve will go back up, if it is 1 the curve will flatten and less than 1 we will continue to see the curve continue to drop.

With R, we have a measure by which society can judge how it slowly shifts towards a new normal, quickly identify if the steps we are taking work or if we need to quickly adjust to a new strategy.

For many businesses, finding a way to visually engage staff toward a unified goal, to influence behaviours and give them a measure to see how they are progressing can sometime be lost in an army of ill communicated KPI’s. What Covid-19 has shown, is with the right data, and the right measures, the impact can be significant.

One current example of a relevant business ‘Curve’ is Cash, with its version of R being daily cash movement. We are actively working with businesses to help them assess their ‘Cash Curve’, visually demonstrate the impact that Covid-19 has had on their R value and help them find ways to assess the impact of their strategy in coping with change.

Investment into using data to influence behaviours and understanding is currently keeping an entire nation supportive and staying confined to the home, imagine what could it do for your business?

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