Fraud: The Effect on External Entities – New Blog Series

Following on from our Falling Out Over Finances series, we are happy to announce the return of our forensics blogs.

In our previous blog series, we looked at how financial disputes can affect businesses and individuals. The focus of our upcoming blog series is how the decisions of individuals or actions by businesses radiate outward to affect third parties and the wider public.

Our latest blog series, Fraud: The Effect on External Entities, is a four part project that will go live in the coming weeks. Each week, a new episode will look at a particular type of fraud. This includes how it is perpetrated, its effects, and how professional advice can help achieve a reasonable settlement, should the worst occur.

A schedule of the series:

1 – Factoring Fraud – A Web Of Deceit

2 – Misappropriation And Misuse – Grant Fraud

3 – Modern Day Bank Robbery – Exploiting Lenders

4 – Stealing From The State – Crown Fraud

Stay tuned for our first episode!