Hearing the penny drop and the importance of brand awareness in corporate disposals

Our Corporate Finance Partner, Steve Plaskitt, shares his advice on marketing and brand awareness in corporate disposals…

I attended Tait Walker’s Directors’ Breakfast last week. I enjoyed a bacon butty and Danish pastries, as well as presentations from Gill Gilthorpe and Jean-Pierre van Zyl from Square One Law. They talked about the need for a clear marketing message for the external brand and getting all employees and new recruits to support your vision. The main idea I took from it, and I also heard a few pennies drop around the room, was that close alignment of marketing and team culture will naturally help drive a successful business.

The idea resonated with me for when we seek to sell a business. When we have 2-3 years to plan a sale with a business owner, we need the marketing strategy to drive value in the business. We also need it to drive awareness of the business with potential buyers.

Disposal strategy

Firstly, a disposal strategy must meet the needs of the business owners personal goals and responsibilities as a director and shareholder. It must also consider the perspectives of the company, its corporate structure and tax perspectives. You should also review a number of exit options. For example, you would explore different scenarios around selling the whole company or the sum of its parts to separate buyers, or to sell to a management buy out (MBO) team. Internal engagement is key.

However, driving value comes internally as well as externally.

Driving value internally

Internally, a financial and commercial review identifies key strengths within the business that can be developed as value drivers and issues to address in the exit process. Building a strong and rounded management team is essential. Time is often a requirement to allow them to develop and enhance the likely value on exit.

Management will be strengthened by making the right decisions and using the right data in their decision making. An operational business plan and forecasts with a deep level of analysis of results, KPIs, customers and forecasts provide great management information. This can then evidence both systems and management when a buyer is assessing the business.

All of the above drive value internally.

Driving value externally

How do you drive value by improving external perceptions?

Raising brand awareness and positive press surrounding the business as it heads into a transaction is a great way to improve value externally. Usually, such press and social media content aims at customers, suppliers and potential employers. However, it can also be aimed at potential buyers, making them aware of you before they seek to buy.

For example, one of the first things a potential acquirer will do is Google the company name. It is useful to have current stories of growth, recruitment, success or other stories of interest in search engine results. They are also useful on the website and in social media.

It is so important to have an early and coordinated marketing and brand awareness strategy. This needs to be in the pre-deal planning stage to drive value on an eventual exit. Some might say it is a bit like the qualities of a substantial breakfast.

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