HMRC Delays in Issuing R&D Repayments

We have seen significant delays recently on HMRC’s part in releasing R&D repayments to clients. A recent update indicates that they are currently processing R&D claims as follows:

  SME Claims RDEC Claims
Date Submitted 4 March 2019 17 December 2018

The repayments issued as a result of these claims being processed are then subject to security checks, and the security checks currently being processed are as follows:

  SME Claims RDEC Claims
Date Submitted 18 February 2019 14 December 2018

The repayment can then take a further five days to reach the relevant bank account, or longer if made by cheque.

Accordingly, it is currently taking approximately 8 weeks for SME repayments to be received, and 18 weeks for RDEC repayments.

It is also expected that the number of March year ends for limited companies will create additional backlog.

If you have submitted a claim recently or are in the process of doing so, you may wish to update your cash flow planning accordingly, and if your R&D was submitted prior to the dates above, it may be time to chase HMRC!

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