Introducing our new blog series – Falling out over Finances

Our new Forensic blog ‘Falling out over Finances’ is a five part series coming soon! It is aimed at anyone who has been involved in a dispute which has impacted on a financial situation, either in a personal capacity or a professional capacity.

Disputes arise in all walks of life and parties often feel they have been unfairly treated. It leaves them with the prospect of losses, either in business or personally, in a potentially hostile and confrontational environment.

Where proposed compensation does not reflect the damages sustained, would you attempt battle in this arena to achieve a fair settlement? Some would not, but those who take professional advice gain an understanding of the options available to them. You can take practical actions to minimise business disruption and personal stress, and to visualise the potential resolutions which could be achieved on the basis of a strong and fair case.

We explore the need to critically assess a dispute and the resulting financial position, to ultimately protect long term success and personal wealth.

Our Forensic Services team have dealt with individuals and businesses in various sectors who have experienced this relationship breakdown. How can parties move forward when deadlock is reached?

This series will be released every Friday and looks at different types of disputes. We will explore the different outcomes and methods of financial resolution that can be achieved. We will look at those initial ‘red flags’ that may prevent you from falling out over finances.

First Episode Next Week….

In episode one, ‘Shareholder Strife’, we discuss issues faced by business owners and what happens when changes to share ownership are enforced.

Now Available

1: Shareholder Strife

2: Partnership Problems

3: Inheritance Issues

4: Marital Matters

5: Commercial Clashes