Repeat late gender pay gap reporters named and shamed by equality regulator

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has begun naming and shaming organisations that have failed to report their gender pay gap on time.

Earlier this week, a list of 47 organisations was released to the public, showing those who had failed to report their gender pay gap information for 2018 following the March and April deadlines. The next stage for these organisations will be a formal investigation. More details can be found here:

Ahead of yesterday’s report, three other organisations were named and shamed for repeat non-compliance. The three organisations that failed to report their pay gap information on time for the second year in a row were Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited, Northern Automotive Systems Ltd and Typhoo Tea Ltd. The EHRC said that it had already issued warnings to these businesses, which all filed late reports last year (2017) and, at the time of writing, were yet to file reports for this year (2018).

The investigations will consider whether the companies are breaking the law by failing to publish their gender pay gap information. If so, they will be required to publish the figures immediately and they could be issued with an unlimited fine and a formal notice which is enforceable in court.

Rebecca Hilsenrath, the EHRC’s Chief Executive said: “To tackle gender inequality in the workplace we first need transparency. All employers with 250 or more employees have to publish their gender pay gap information where everyone can see it. It’s the law and we take very seriously indeed any failure to do so, particularly for two years in a row.”

The deadline for publishing gender pay gap information, which must be accessible to all employees, the public and on the government’s official portal, is midnight on 30 March for public sector employers and midnight on 4 April for private and voluntary sector employers.

Many businesses are submitting this information towards the filing date. However, as the ‘snapshot date’ for 2019 has already passed, it’s best to start preparing now to understand your information so that you can use this in shaping business decisions and to ensure your report is submitted before the relevant filing date.

Businesses with more than 250 employees must report on Gender Pay Gap annually:

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