National Payroll Week 2020 – a blog from our Senior Payroll Manager, Claire Brown

This blog was written by our Senior Payroll Manager, Claire Brown.

I am sure I am not the first or the last payroll professional to say that the last few months have been extremely challenging in the payroll world!   

I would like to celebrate National Payroll Week by applauding my fellow payroll professionals who have not only had to deal with the challenges caused by lockdown, but had to get to grips with furlough calculations and CJRS claims overnight, which I’m sure most will agree has not been an easy task to say the least!

Payroll teams across the UK have had to ensure that businesses, large and small, could pay their staff on time and incorporate vital CJRS (and sick pay) calculations to help their employers fund their businesses. The last six months have really highlighted how important payroll is to a huge range of businesses.  

We had prepared in advance for working from home as we could see what was coming and had made sure that our IT and processes meant that we could do so efficiently and the transfer of service worked smoothly. However, for some of our team, this also brought the added pressure of juggling home schooling and balancing long working hours to ensure our clients’ employees were still paid correctly and on time.  

A key measure of success for us over the last six months has been our delivery of our client service without disruption and also onboarding new clients whilst working from home, knowing that our team will rise to the challenge. I will however admit that some of our team are now happy to say that we are also able to get back in the office on a regular socially distanced rota if wished.

Payroll continues to evolve, and I am pleased to say that the days are gone where payroll is seen as a “just push a button” role, and it is now widely recognised as a highly respected and valuable area of tax expertise.

The members of MHA Tait Walker’s payroll team have years of experience and throughout the lockdown we have continued to learn on a daily basis about how to improve whilst we work from home. We are always reviewing processes and procedures to ensure that we provide our clients with the highest level of service, without losing that personal touch which we think is important.

2020 has shown us that we can rise to any payroll challenges by pulling together and working as a team. Our payroll team work closely alongside our Employment Tax Advisory team who have been invaluable in providing assistance and advice in relation to the Job Retention Scheme. We also work closely with our Wealth Management team to ensure a smooth auto enrolment process.

Our payroll team have demonstrated resilience and agility in the face of significant challenges and I truly believe MHA Tait Walker are well placed to help employers with their payroll requirements.

If you have any payroll queries or would like any further information in relation to how we can assist your business, please do not hesitate to contact me at