We have invested in protective 360-degree safety screens at every workstation to help to ensure staff safety

Thanks to the help of Bay Plastics, we have installed bespoke safety screens that were tailored for our existing desks to provide screens on three sides of each employee, helping them to have confidence to return to work.

Whilst we have been working successfully from home during lockdown, we are keen to see employees return to work, not only for their well-being, but also to maintain high levels of team working and client service.

At present, our team working two to three days per week in the office to ensure social distancing is maintained. However, many are choosing to work in the office more and the screens have helped to facilitate this and ensure a safe working environment.

Andrew Moorby, our Managing Partner, commented:

“The firm has invested considerable sums to allow staff to feel safe working in the office whilst also providing additional IT equipment to allow our team to work both at home and back in our offices.

The safety of our staff is our paramount concern, but it is also essential that that we continue to give our clients the service they deserve, particularly in these uncertain times. We felt that the additional investment in screens and in further IT equipment was an essential step to help us to return to some semblance of normality.”