What assistance might you get in EU countries if you want to establish a subsidiary there?

As many business leaders will have become more aware in the first few weeks of January, under the new operating circumstances created by the Trade & Cooperation Agreement signed by the UK and the EU, for some UK businesses setting up a subsidiary in the EU may actually become the easiest way to facilitate and maintain trade with customers or suppliers in the EU.

So, what financial support might be available in different locations in the EU to assist setting up facilities in different jurisdictions?

Baker Tilly International have produced a guide setting out the main grants available in different EU jurisdictions as at the end of 2020. These will generally still be available (although businesses should check that applications remain valid for any grants before seeking to rely upon them).

These grants may make the difference between a EU based supply chain or EU subsidiary being a viable option and not. Businesses should take factors such as these grants into account when assessing how to make ongoing trade in the EU as financially beneficial as possible.

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