Key messages for employers from the Pensions Regulator

Look out for a letter from The Pensions Regulator.

Between February and May 2015 The Pensions Regulator will be sending out over a million additional letters, writing to ALL small and micro employers with a staging date between May 2016 and August 2017 to ensure they know when their new workplace duties start. It will provide key information such as the date the law applies and how they can nominate a contact with The Pensions Regulator.

This letter, which is being sent in addition to the 12 month letter, is to raise employer awareness and ensure they know their correct staging date. Advisers should be prepared as employers are likely to seek advice and guidance in preparation to meet their duties.


86% of small and 75% of micro employers believe that automatic enrolment is a ‘good idea’ for their workers. 

Recent research carried out by The Pensions Regulator indicates that workplace pensions are becoming the norm, with the majority of small and micro employers indicating that they believe it to be a ‘good idea’.

Do your clients know what they need to do and when, in order to meet their duties? Leaving it until the last minute could make the process more complex and costly.


Over 5 million workers have now been automatically enrolled into a pension scheme

While it’s automatic for workers, it’s not automatic for employers who will need to plan and prepare for the steps they need to take in order to comply with the law and avoid a possible financial penalty.


Proposed AE thresholds for 2015/16

Please find below the web link to DWP’s response to the consultation on AE thresholds. The document contains the proposed annual AE thresholds for 2015/16.

DWP will lay the regulations for the new thresholds early in the new year. These regulations will contain the proposed values for the different lengths of pay reference period. For your convenience in getting your 2015/16 software products finalised we have included our expected values for the different PRPs in the table below.  However, you should check back with our website when the Order is laid before Parliament and be aware that the proposed changes in the Order will still be subject to the Parliamentary process and so may change.


Expected values by pay reference period
2015-2016 Annual 1 week Fortnight 4 weeks 1 month 1 quarter Bi-annual
Lower level of qualifying earnings £5,824 £112 £224 £448 £486 £1,456 £2,912
Earnings trigger for automatic enrolment £10,000 £192 £384 £768 £833 £2,499 £4,998
Upper level of qualifying earnings £42,385 £815 £1,631 £3,261 £3,532 £10,597 £21,193


Resources available on YouTube:

Audio resources available on YouTube on the following topics.


Declaration of compliance latest figures:

The latest report refers to the period from July 2012 to the end of December 2014. Over 5 million workers have now been automatically enrolled.

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