Pension Advice Durham

We are a leading accountancy firm providing pension advice in Durham and across the North East.  At MHA Tait Walker, we are committed to helping you plan your perfect retirement. We like to think of retirement as the longest holiday of your life, and as with any holiday, it’s important to plan properly.

Of course, there’s a lot more to retirement planning than pensions. Our independent pension advisors in Durham and the North East cover all areas of retirement planning, including state provision, taxation and Government legislation. We will develop a comprehensive strategy to manage your lifetime’s worth of pensions, as well as your investments and cash accounts. 

Additionally, we advise on how retirement could impact property ownership. If you are a business owner, we offer advice on pensions for businesses.

Professional Pension Advice Durham

As an award-winning firm with over 80 years of experience and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) accreditation, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service. 

Our highly qualified team of pension experts will work with you to review your assets and establish what you can afford to put away. By continuously surveying the market, we maintain the most up to date knowledge and ensure we are ready to react to any important changes. With MHA Tait Walker, you can be confident your money will be in the best possible place to maximise your retirement income.

Retirement Support Durham

We work with a diverse portfolio of clients throughout Durham and the North East with many different goals and needs. Whether you’re just starting to pay into a pension pot, approaching retirement, or already retired, we’ll put you at the heart of our pension advice service. Ultimately, everyone wants a healthy, happy, secure retirement, and our pension specialists are here to help you achieve that. 

Working closely with you, our Durham and North East pension advisors will tailor a strategy towards your individual goals and needs. With your best interests in mind, we will implement a  retirement plan that is affordable in the long and short term, capitalising on as many tax reliefs as possible, so you have the confidence to enjoy life now, and in the future.

Our Pension Advice Covers:


  • Personal Pension
  • Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)
  • Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS)
  • Executive Pension Plans
  • Stakeholder Pensions
  • Workplace Pensions
  • Previous Employer Pension Schemes

If you’d like further information about our Pension Advice in Durham, call 0191 379 1099 or email