Legal Sector COVID-19 Headline Survey Results

MHA undertook a survey into the legal sector focusing on the impact of COVID-19, and how this is affecting law firms.

The results report on 8 key areas including fee income, business strategy now and for the future, and working practices now and going forward.

We have summarised the results in an easy to read infographic.

The main headlines include:

  • 85% of firms said that COVID-19 has had a ‘moderate’ or ‘major’ impact on fee income
  • Once lockdown is lifted, 81% of firms expect staff to continue to work from home, with 50% stating that they expect staff to work up to 2 days a week from home going forward
  • The largest proportion of survey respondents (24%) furloughed between 21% and 30% of staff across their firms.
  • 82% of legal firms are reviewing their cash flow forecasts either daily or weekly.

We will be producing a more detailed report on the survey findings over the coming weeks.

To see the headline findings, please see our infographic linked below.

MHA Legal Sector COVID-19 Survey

The MHA Professional Practices specialist team is working closely together to ensure our clients in the legal sector are supported at this challenging time. 

We are being asked on a daily basis what we are currently experiencing in the legal sector, so thought it would be useful to survey all of our clients and contacts on the most frequently asked questions. Your anonymous responses will be used to compile benchmark data, which will provide a greater depth to our understanding of how the sector is responding to the challenges, which in turn will form the basis of our thought leadership pieces.

Fill in the survey

Our short survey consists of 10 key sections and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete:

All responses will remain anonymous and we will publish our findings in due course.