Accounting reporting obligations

Our dedicated academies team is here to support you and help you to meet accounting reporting obligations. We have outlined some of these below:

External Audit

  • Includes regularity report on compliance with ESFA financial guidelines
  • Annual basis
  • Year / period to 31 August
  • File with ESFA by 31 December
  • File with Companies House by 31 May

Teachers’ Pension Scheme Audit

  • Annual basis to 5 April
  • Either one return completed for each school within the trust, or one return completed for the whole trust
  • Unaudited return to the TPS by last working day in May
  • Audited return to the TPS by last working day in September
  • Checks whether the trust and the teachers have made the correct pension contributions

Internal Assurance

  • Usually on a termly basis
  • Looks at whether there are controls in place
  • Considers whether they are appropriate
  • Checks whether they are being applied
  • Report to governors on findings

Academy Accounts Return

  • Broadly based on Annual Accounts
  • Data input into a portal provided by ESFA
  • Return to be reviewed by auditor and filed with ESFA in January following year end