What to consider before converting to an academy

The Academies Act enables maintained schools to apply to become academies. We have outlined some questions below that you may wish to consider before converting to academy status.

Balance transfer

Have you agreed the balances to be transferred on conversion with the local authority, and Diocese, if appropriate?

Fund money

What will happen to any school fund money?

Land and building leasehold

Have you ensured that any land and buildings leasehold will be transferred to the trust?

Fixed assets

Have you obtained an inventory of all the fixed assets to be transferred at conversion?

When will you convert?

The ESFA requires accounts to be prepared to 31 Aug each year. Long accounting periods of more than 12 months are no longer allowed.

VAT review

Have you had a VAT review to determine whether the trust needs to register for VAT?

Tax review

Have you had a tax review to determine if you have any taxable trading income?


Do you have appropriate insurance in place?

The ESFA recommend joining their RPA Scheme, but this doesn’t cover everything e.g. motor vehicles.

Trading subsidiary

Have you considered the need for a trading subsidiary?

Normal structure

Have you established a suitable nominal structure on your accounting system?