Amateur Sports Clubs

We advise and look after a number of CASCs (Community Amateur Sports Clubs) across the North East and the UK. We offer a tailored mix of accounting and tax services to help you meet your compliance needs and your organisation’s objectives.

The rules and tax reliefs available to CASCs can be complex and have been subject to many revisions. This often raises interesting challenges for the management teams who face increasing regulatory and compliance pressures.

Our team of specialists are always available to help, whether it’s dealing with legislative changes and understanding what they mean for you, or giving advice and guidance to enable the CASC to maximise tax reliefs.

How can we help?

Our Not for Profit team are available to help with the provision of compliance services. We can also help the Managing Committee to understand tax reliefs and the ways in which Gift Aid can be used to maximise income.

We can help your CASC with:

  • Understanding the tax reliefs available
  • Accounts preparation
  • Assurance services – audit
  • Tax planning
  • Accessing finance funds, as well as local, national and European Grants
  • Financial forecasting and modelling
  • Pensions and other employee matters, including ways to mitigate payroll costs