We are passionate about supporting you and your charity. We can assist you in fulfilling your statutory compliance obligations and realising your charitable objectives.

We look after a large number of Charities throughout the North East and across the UK. We offer a tailored mix of accounting, taxation and advisory services to meet every charity’s unique circumstances.

We understand the increasing regulatory and compliance pressures that you face and we work with you overcome these. Our team is always on hand to help, whether it’s keeping you up to date with legislative changes and helping you to understand what they mean for your charity, or providing guidance to new Trustees on their roles and responsibilities.

How can we help?

Our team is available to help and answer your questions throughout the year, not just for your audit.

Just a few of the areas that we can help your charity with include:

  • Accounts preparation in compliance with the Charity SORP
  • Assurance services – audit and independent examination
  • Advice on accounting systems, as well as the supply of and training in Sage and Xero Charity software
  • Financial forecasting and modelling
  • Advice and practical assistance with Charity related tax matters such as Gift Aid, VAT planning and Creative Sector tax reliefs such as Theatre Tax Relief
  • Advice on choosing the best charitable structure for you, including trading and the use of trading subsidiaries
  • Accessing loan funds –  as well as local, national and European Grants
  • Pensions and other employee matters, including ways to mitigate payroll costs
  • Trustees training and guidance
  • Attendance in trustee meetings to offer professional insight and guidance

A number of our team members belong to independent charity boards and can draw on personal experience and best practice to help Trustees to deal with any difficulties they face.

Find out more about the cloud accounting solutions available for charities via our Xero page.

What does good governance look like?

Simon Brown looks at maintaining good governance in the midst of a pandemic and watching out for potential pressures on the charity’s financial health in the below webinar video. In times of managing increased demands for charitable services, whilst dealing with constrained finances, Simon reviews what good governance looks like and identify potential issues to watch out for.