Audit & Assurance

Why have an audit?

Many businesses see an audit as a regulatory tick in the box, but we think audit and assurance should be much more.

We work with our clients to identify risks, opportunities for growth and ways to improve performance. Your audit also demonstrates a good level of business governance which can be very important when looking to sell a business or access funding.

We offer an expert audit service:

  • Partner Led. Every engagement we undertake is led by a dedicated partner from planning through to completion. We work with you to understand your business activity and share sector knowledge.
  • Integrated Approach. We deliver your audit from our local offices and work closely with all of our specialist teams to ensure we identify all audit and non-audit risks and opportunities for your business. Your dedicated partner will co-ordinate this and meet with you to discuss your audit.
  • Technical Expertise and Experience. Our audit team come from a range of backgrounds – many are ‘Big 4’ trained, whilst others have learned their trade and developed their skills at Tait Walker and other independent firms. The team work with a range of sectors and various sized entities from SMEs to large group companies. This mix of expertise means that the team can share their knowledge and we can tailor an audit team to meet your needs.
  • No Surprise Approach. We adopt a ‘no surprises’ approach to both our work and our fees. We believe the key to an effective and long lasting relationship with you is year round communication and discussion. This ensures that all issues that may arise are resolved, leading to a smooth year end audit process.

Our audit services include:

  • Statutory Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Grant Claim Reports