Financial Modelling

Our financial modelling team helps with cash flow forecasts, investment appraisals, structuring equity or debt funding and evaluating complex strategic decisions, which in turn helps our clients run their business more efficiently.

Our Corporate Finance and Tax teams work closely to ensure that your business has the best advice to improve your cash flow. This includes eligibility for tax credits such as Research & Development, reviewing enhanced capital allowances or altering the timing of the payment of VAT and PAYE.

Your financial models are vital in communicating with shareholders and funders and should offer:

  • Clear communication: relevant analysis of financial performance and key performance indicators
  • Robustness: transparent and logically sound model that properly reflects business
  • Adaptability: flexible and upgradable to cope smoothly and rapidly with evolving business needs

We can also provide tailored coaching and training to assist clients with their budget setting process and support their in-house modelling capability.

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