Responding to an approach to buy your business

Many businesses are sold off market and, on these occasions, business owners must react quickly and intelligently in order make the right decisions once they have received an offer from a trade buyer or private equity buyer.

The vital role of a Corporate Adviser is to work with your lawyers, advisers, shareholders and senior management to convert the offer into a completed sale at the right price and with no surprises along the way and minimal disruption to your ongoing business.

You will need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What does the buyer know about you and have they based their initial offer on true data or based on assumptions and anecdotes?
  • Do you really understand the offer and its value for you after tax?
  • Is your company ready for an in-depth electronic data room based financial due diligence approach?
  • Can you identify the granular data that is vital in modern financial due diligence to allow a deal to progress smoothly within a one-month due diligence process?
  • Does your data really support the story that you have told the buyer?

Our team’s expertise and credentials can give you confidence. We can assist your directors and finance team to respond to the offer in a confidential manner.

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