Data Analytics

Whilst we can design bespoke projects to meet your needs, our work with clients tend to focus on the following areas:

Maximise engagement and grow revenue through Customer Behaviour Analysis

Our Customer Behaviour analysis tools offer a deep insight into the buying patterns of your customers, showing product and customer level profitability and allowing you a clear view on growth potential and the type of customers that drive the greatest returns. We also assess large volumes of data for key metrics like Customer Lifetime Value, CAC, AOV and Churn, which are very popular with B2C/e-commerce businesses.

Focus on maximising your gross margin through detailed Cost of Sales Analysis 

Our Cost of Sales analysis tools can dig into the unit costs of production, support demand planning

Protect profitability by assessing the return on your overhead costs

Our Overhead analysis tools look at the return on the investment you make into non-direct costs, understanding how they contribute to revenue, how they flex with growth as well as helping you to understand what your core burn rate is so you can manage risk, plan cashflow and understand your breakeven point.

Maximising your cash position through Working Capital Analysis

Our Working Capital analysis looks at liquidity risks through the interplay between cash and your current assets and liabilities. For example, identifying where cash is getting stuck, how your customers are behaving, how much your creditors are supporting the business, appropriate levels of stock and HMRC planning. Understanding your working capital requirements and the cycle cash goes through is critical in being able to safely scale your business.

Support your growth through understanding your cashflow position and the availability of finance

Working with our Corporate Finance team and using a blend of analytics and our forecasting tools, we can work with you to identify the availability of cash to support operations and invest in the future. This includes an assessment of current lending levels, available assets to secure additional funding, a knowledge of bank covenants and measures to assess cashflow lending options.

Understand how well you are doing when compared to your peers and associated markets

Our Benchmarking tool uses several third-party data sources to collect key information on businesses and markets and compares these metrics to your own performance. This allows you to compare performance not only against historic and forecast data, but also against what looks good in the industry and can inform you about elements of your business where you have a competitive advantage or need a strategic review.

Whilst we can design bespoke projects to meet your needs, our work with clients tend to focus on the following areas:

Making Data accessible and easy to understand


Identifying why something may be happening


What is likely to happen based on historic data


What are the actions to take to prevent future problems?