Data Insight

Our Data Insight team drives real value in businesses, by helping them make quick, informed and confident decisions, whilst understanding how to react if their assumptions or market conditions change.  

Our specialist team work with businesses to analyse their data help them to understand it better, and then use technology and expertise to help that data to drive strategy and create real business insight. That insight helps our clients with short term projects and long-term strategic business decisions.

We do this through four main services:

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence gathers financial and operational data, cleaning it, connecting it, processing it and visualising it so that businesses can make fully informed, intelligent and measurable decisions. Decisions can be made quickly, with a focus on what really drives value and profitability.

Financial Modelling

Financial modelling assesses the whole, or part, of a business’s future strategy, deeply understanding assumptions and outcomes so businesses can make informed decisions. We provide scenario planning, so businesses are fully prepared to act if business or market conditions change.  

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence is focused on providing businesses with the ability to make decisions in context of the market and their peers rather than in an isolated bubble. This gives confidence to assumptions, validation when communicating to external stakeholders and the opportunity to identify new opportunities in the market.  

Business Strategy

Business strategy combines all our services, focusing on the use of financial, operational and market data, to understand the key value drivers, how they are linked, and which risk scenarios could have the biggest impact on performance. This gives value to business owners and stakeholders, as well as to investors through Strategic Due Diligence.  

What do our clients think?

Prior to working with MHA Tait Walker, it was difficult to assess new business opportunities and understand the impact they would have on our business. Now we have adaptable models that allow us to quickly assess opportunities, understand the working capital impact and see challenges down the road. This insight is invaluable to giving us the confidence to accept or reject opportunities at speed and have a clear understanding of our forecasted cash, revenue and profit position at all times.