Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence gathers financial and operational data, cleaning it, connecting it, processing it and visualising it so that businesses can make fully informed, intelligent and measurable decisions. Decisions can be made quickly, with a focus on what really drives value and profitability.

We have developed a process in which we can assess the quality and accessibility of a business’ data, and the opportunities for it to drive real value. We tailor this process depending on the type of business and its objectives. Typically, we find that businesses that want to start developing their Business Intelligence capabilities fit within the process flow below.

The Business Intelligence journey

Completing a Business Intelligence journey means you significantly reduce the time spent on low value activities such as data extraction and report production, giving you time to make quick, informed and value-adding decisions for your business.

How do you invest time measuring business performance?

What we typically find in a business

All businesses rely on data support their decision-making process. We believe that data can be one of the most valuable business assets and can promote a wide range of benefits.

We often find that business data falls into one of the below quadrants, with the major compromise being the balance between speed and accuracy.

Typical starting point for Business Intelligence

Driving value from your data