Dispute Resolution

Disagreements can result in breakdown of relationships, both professional and personal, and potentially a deadlock in trade if the situation can’t be resolved.

We have acted in many dispute cases where specialist accounting knowledge is required to resolve matters and accurately quantify or report on a financial matter.

Our experience in working with clients in dispute, both as a Single or Joint Expert allows us to provide an independent review of disputes, providing the parties with a clear view and understanding of the often complex situation.

As Expert Witnesses, our Forensic specialists are up to date with all requirements of Experts in the Civil Procedure Rules and prepare Court compliant Part 35 Expert Witness Reports in accordance with these Rules and guidance from the Civil Justice Council.

Our dedicated sector groups specialise in Manufacturing & Engineering and Property & Construction, areas which are prone to commercial disputes with high value contracts and significant penalties for contract breaches.

Our experience makes us well placed to provide informal advice or a preliminary review of a case, to a fully compliant Expert report to assist in achieving an equitable settlement in a dispute scenario.

Alternative methods of dispute resolution are becoming more frequently used, and our Forensic Services team can act in matters of Expert Determination and mediation, with a view as to reducing costs in legal proceedings.

Our expert team can help you with:

  • Partnership disputes in the absence of a formal partnership agreement
  • Quasi partnership work and valuation of partnership share
  • Shareholder disputes where a formal valuation of business is required
  • Review of unusual wording in Articles of Association for valuation formulae
  • Valuation of Shares and Businesses

For more information on complex valuation issues, please see our Business Valuations page.

We have acted on behalf of a number of Estate cases, by Order of Appointment of the Court, administering Estates involving complex property matters, farming and agricultural Estates, and dealing with multiple beneficiaries.

Estate disputes arise when beneficiaries can’t agree on what constitutes their share of Estate assets in accordance with the terms of the Will.

Once appointed, we act as a neutral third party whose obligation is the fair realisation and distribution of Estate assets, utilizing specialist accounting and taxation expertise to accurately value the whole (or part) of a deceased Estate.

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