Fraud and Internal Investigations

We have acted on behalf of many clients who have unfortunately been subject to fraud, from initial discovery and investigative work, through to Court appearances and sentencing.

We understand the delicate nature of the crime and the pervasive effect on a business, being more than just the monetary loss sustained. We are also aware of the importance of following steps in the correct order to ensure the maximum chance of recovery and conviction.

The disruption to everyday operations whilst investigating a fraud, damage to reputation and decline in staff morale are important considerations. Our Forensic Team can minimise business disruption by managing the investigation process from the outset, allowing key management personnel to concentrate on their area of expertise – continuation of trading and enabling the business to recover successfully.

Complex transaction trails can often conceal the extent of a fraud, with systems being manipulated by a fraudster. We are experienced in uncovering the extent of the fraud and reporting it in a coherent way to assist financial settlement or Court proceedings.

We provide a rapid, co-ordinated response with legal professionals and police in the event of a fraud, and provide assistance to quantify and evidence the losses sustained.

We work closely with SMEs to identify weaknesses in a business’ systems and to seal the holes in security that fraudsters seek to exploit, as well as providing practical advice to limit exposure to fraud.

Our specialist team can help you with:

  • Following the correct procedures upon the discovery of a fraud to ensure evidence is preserved
  • Investigation into company records from internal/external sources
  • Subcontracting Forensic Extraction of IT records to preserve evidence being admissible in Court
  • Identifying various methods of fraud and tracing movement of funds
  • Quantification of loss as a result of the fraud (direct and indirect loss)
  • Production of a legally compliant Expert Report for use in proceedings
  • Liaising with HM Revenue & Customs in order to report on and settle tax liabilities resulting from a fraud
  • Review of internal systems and controls
  • Providing solutions to improve systems and controls with recommendations for implementation
  • Liaising with Police, legal advisors and other parties such as regulatory bodies.

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