Loss Quantum

Complex Injury Cases

We are experienced in acting as an Expert Witness or Single Joint Expert in complex injury cases, which benefit from the input of a forensic accountant. Standard methods of loss calculation may be insufficient for a client to achieve a full, fair and proportionate settlement for the injury sustained.

Where the financial impact on an individual or company cannot be easily quantified, and the use of Ogden tables is not appropriate, Forensic Services provide a full review of the direct and indirect losses sustained, including any detrimental effect on long term business growth or personal wealth.

We understand the importance of a detailed understanding of a business and its needs, from a self-employed trader to a well-established company. We recognise factors such as market conditions and trends in order to accurately assess the value of lost earnings, pension investment or capital, to assist in achieving a suitable settlement.

Our specialist team can help with:

  • Loss of Earnings for Self Employed individuals
  • Loss of Pension
  • Loss of Company Profits
  • Adverse Business Growth
  • Fatal Accident Claims
  • Catastrophic Injury Claims
  • Detailed Critique of claims presented

Losses arising as a result of poor professional advice or inaccurate financial agreements can be difficult to quantify, and require a full analysis and review of the client’s financial position and careful consideration of all external and applicable factors.

We have reviewed a large number of cases where mis-selling of financial instruments has taken place, and the following is required:

  • Review of financial products and suitability for client
  • Reconstruction of client’s financial position and investment under suitable financial product
  • Quantification of loss as a result of the mis-sold product/interest rate swap

Consequential Losses

We have assisted SMEs where consequential losses have occurred as a result of contract disputes or lost earnings as a result of business disruption (i.e. due to an unusual event or natural disaster), data theft, competition claims and misfeasance.

Through gaining a full understanding of a client’s business and contractual obligations, we have quantified direct and indirect losses arising as a result of a particular event, to assist in the client achieving a fair and suitable compensation for the losses sustained.

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