Matrimonial and Divorce Investigations

Contentious Matters

We have dealt with many matrimonial cases where spouses had no awareness of their marital financial assets. Some had lost their life savings when relationships broke down, and large sums were hidden and excluded from the reported assets in legal proceedings.

Forensic Services will provide a full review of all matrimonial finances, potentially uncovering funds and assets which don’t appear at face value.

We will provide a legally compliant Expert report which will withstand the high level of scrutiny required by the Court to be admitted as evidence in the case.

Our Expert knowledge and compliance with the Civil justice system will help ensure the claimant achieves a fair and suitable settlement.

Our specialist team can help with:

  • Preparation of Part 35 Expert Report as a Single or Joint Expert Witness
  • Use of Data Analytics for detailed review of bank statements
  • Review of Income and Expenditure compared with lifestyle
  • Valuation of Business Interests and Shareholdings
  • Review of pre-nuptial agreements
  • Tracing funds transfers and movement of cash assets between accounts
  • Investigation into hidden tangible assets not declared as part of divorce process
  • Assisting with Tax implications and advising on Capital Gains Tax liabilities

Non Contentious Matters

Maria McKenna is a professional member of Collaborative Family Law North East, which allows parties to reach a mutually agreed solution with the assistance of experts, without the requirement to negotiate matters in a costly Court environment.

The collaborative process allows open disclosure of documents and financial information, however, splitting assets between two parties is not necessarily as simple as dividing everything in half, and professional expertise may be required to accurately quantify the marital assets before an equitable settlement can be reached.

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