Professional Training and Internal Review

Our Forensic Services team have dealt with a large number of SME’s in the North East region and nationally, and have provided invaluable assistance in reviewing internal systems and controls.

We can identify areas of risk to a business, where controls are poor and systems may be overridden to enable internal fraud to occur.

We will provide recommendations for improvement and implementation, to make business systems and controls as robust as possible and to mitigate the opportunities for fraud and loss to occur.

Our Forensic Team can provide the following:

  • Review of internal systems and controls and report on Strengths and Weaknesses
  • In house training to staff of SMEs to identify risk areas in their day to day work
  • Training to accounts and audit staff to recognize red flags and indicators of fraud
  • Seminar presentations on the latest developments in Cyber crime and how to protect businesses from online risk
  • Training for legal professionals on financial matters and pitfalls to look out for

To discuss further, please contact Maria McKenna.

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