Research & Development, Intellectual Property and Creative Industry Tax Reliefs

Research & Development Tax Reliefs

Our dedicated team advise companies on the UK’s extremely generous R&D Tax Relief programme and have successfully identified more than £150m of qualifying expenditure and claimed back more than £60m for our clients since 2011.

The R&D Tax Relief programme should be viewed as a potential source of valuable funding for any company in key sectors such as:

We are not simply an R&D “boutique” – our background is accountancy and tax, but we have added experience of science and technology (for example, our Head of R&D, Hollie Thompson, has a degree in Biomedical Sciences). This allows us to facilitate claims that not only capture the cost, but use the reliefs in the most beneficial way.

Our claims provide a complete solution and will address complexities such as:

  • The interaction with group relief rules
  • Subcontractor/Subcontractee relationships
  • Grand funding and subsidised R&D
  • Interaction with other reliefs which can prove more valuable (e.g. Land Remediation Relief or Capital Allowances)
  • Loss carry back claims
  • Patent Box Reliefs
  • Creative Sector Reliefs 
  • Accounting principles for Intangible Assets and/or Expenditure Credits
  • Advance assurance

We are governed by the Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation guidance and will always offer you an honest service, maximising your claim within the bounds of the applicable legislation. We will happily work on a “wholly contingent” basis for claims and will never tie you into an engagement which extends into future accounting periods – we want you to stay with us because we provide an excellent service. We will also commit to fixed fees for our audit clients. We appreciate that you may not wish to move away from your existing accountant so we will work with them to ensure you don’t miss out.

The process

We will work with you in whatever way YOU find easiest – we do not apply a one size fits all approach because all of our clients are different

We will help you identify the costs and ensure you aren’t missing anything

We will work with you to capture the right project information and ensure it meets the criteria – this can include presentations and interviews with you and your staff

We will help you submit the claim or work with your accountants to do so

Contact us

If you would like to tak about R&D, please contact Hollie Thompson at

Intellectual Property Tax Reliefs

We help UK companies and their shareholders to identify and claim corporate tax reliefs that exist for the creation of Intellectual Property.

During the last 15 years, the UK has introduced a range of tax reliefs for intellectual property in addition to the Research & Development Tax Relief. Our specialist team can help you assess the reliefs available in respect of Patent Box and the acquisition costs of Intangible Assets.

Are you fully protecting your IP?

Why not take the Intellectual Property Office’s healthcheck to see what steps are recommended for you?

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We can also recommend an IP lawyer if you need legal advice.

Creative Sector Tax Reliefs

The UK government has introduced a range of tax reliefs in recent years to encourage investment in the creative sector.

The table below sets out the effective rates of the cash tax credits that creative sector companies can claim in respect of eligible production costs.

Alternatively, for profitable companies, the reliefs enable companies to claim for an enhanced deduction from tax, which will reduce their tax liability.

We were involved in the consultation with HMRC around the introduction of creative sector tax reliefs.

If you would like to discuss the reliefs in more detail please do not hesitate to contact Louise Cottam or Alastair Wilson on 0191 285 0321.

Our service

Our service is based on giving you a complete picture.

We will discuss all of the potential aspects of the UK’s tax reliefs which may be applicable to you such as R&D Tax Reliefs, Patent Box, Creative Sector Reliefs and Capital Allowances. We will provide you with a single claim process for all, which sets out the maximum cash benefit for your company.

Our aim is to be truly value adding and we will happily work on a “wholly contingent” basis for claims and will never tie you into an engagement which extends into future accounting periods.

We offer all companies a free no obligation meeting to discuss the availability of all of these reliefs, to see whether it may be possible to claim one of the tax reliefs available. Get in touch with the team now if you would like to have a chat.