Tax Enquiry Resolution

Tax enquiries are becoming more common and more aggressive. We can help you manage enquiries with less fuss and minimum cost.

Tax enquiries are becoming increasingly sophisticated as HMRC now use data analytics, information from a wide range of sources and sophisticated software to identify persons who they believe are not truly reporting their income or gains that should be subject to tax.

Additionally, an increasing pressure on public finances has led to unprecedented Government action against “abusive” tax avoidance and acceleration of tax payments where aggressive tax planning is used.

We understand that tax enquiries can be stressful and time consuming. Our team is highly experienced in resolving the most serious enquiries, including resolution of “avoidance schemes” and resolution of enquiries that are made under caution by HMRC using the COP 9 procedure.

Hopefully you will never need our tax enquiry resolution services, but if you do, our experienced team will take a hands on and pro-active approach to successfully help you through the process of resolving your enquiries with minimum fuss and cost.

Our enquiry resolution team can assist you with any type of HMRC enquiry, including single “aspect” enquiries, resolution of a tax “scheme” or a full tax investigation under caution. For example, our team can assist you with:

  • Enquiries into personal tax returns, corporate tax returns or payroll reporting (including Construction Industry Scheme enquiries)
  • Developing strategies for resolution of enquiries into “tax avoidance schemes” including advice on Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs) and Follower Notices
  • Handling complex enquiries including detailed and broad formal tax investigations including those carried out by HMRC under Code of Practice 9 (“COP9”)

Whilst we hope you never need to use it, we can offer you enquiry insurance that will cover the professional costs of any enquiries if they arise.