Tax Investigation Services

Protect your business now

Did you know that HMRC collected £23.9 billion through its tax investigations last year? What’s more, the Government has recently set its sights on increasing that further, with an extra 5,000 compliance staff joining HMRC in the last 12 months.

Better safeguarding for you and your business

With this increased activity and higher numbers of tax investigations, it’s never been more important to protect your business with our tax investigation service. For a small yearly fee, we will:

  • Defend you if you are selected for a HMRC tax investigation
  • Cover all costs included in the service so that you know where you stand
  • Support you through the process and minimise any hassle

What happens if I don’t protect my business?

HMRC can investigate anyone at random at any time whether you’re a small or large business. If you’re not protected, the costs of a tax investigation can go into thousands of pounds and last months.

Dealing with a tax investigation isn’t included in our normal costs, so it pays to act now and safeguard your business against the cost and stress of a tax investigation.

Act now

As your accountants, we want to make sure you’re safe, secure and protected in every possible way. That’s why we strongly recommend you take advantage of our Tax Investigation Service.