Business Protection

People are the most important part of any business. Your team’s skills and experience keeps your business running smoothly. But what would happen if their expertise was lost?

The illness or death of a key employee can have a potentially disastrous impact on a business, such as:

  • Loss of profit
  • Reduced capacity
  • Loss of key contacts or clients
  • Reduced knowledge within the workforce
  • The recall of loans

Our experts not only advise on putting the correct insurances in place, but we can ensure that they are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect your changing business.

Things to consider

Key Person Cover

If a crucial individual is not able to come to work, what happens? Is there a safety net? We will advise on the best way to provide one. We can arrange the most appropriate security for your business to provide for emergency costs and, if necessary, temporarily or permanently replace people, protecting your business for the future.

Shareholder Protection

The death of a shareholder can shake the foundation of a business. Uncertainty or even disputes over how the business continues can cause long-term instability.

We develop strategies to allow shareholders to purchase or dispose of holdings belonging to the deceased shareholder. By surveying the whole of the market, we can implement cost-effective cover to provide interim stability and business continuity.


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