Investment Planning

For You

Formulating and maintaining the right investment strategy is vital to securing your financial future.

Identifying your objectives, both short and long-term, is the starting point and a key focus of the initial financial planning meetings we have with our clients.

Successfully understanding your aspirations and your attitude to risk will drive the right planning at the right time, creating a sound foundation. Because we are a multi-disciplined firm, we will also offer inputs from our tax team who specialise in minimising the amount of tax you pay over your lifetime.

Our wealth team survey the whole of the market, analysing asset management companies, product and fund manager’s performances, fund management style, and risk ratings. Utilising this research, we create the best strategy.

We will:

  • Review your current status, what money you have and how it is invested
  • Work with you to develop a tailored strategy to make the most of your assets
  • Implement, monitor and maintain your plan as appropriate to your objectives

What do our clients think?

If there was anything I’d have done differently to plan for my future, it would have been to speak to Leonard a long time ago! He has helped me to make smarter choices around planning for the future. Leonard has helped me to create a lifestyle plan which fits in with my future goals and milestones, giving me more security for the future, and more confidence about what I will be able to achieve.

Louise Bradford, Managing Director of Creo Communications 

For your Business

Creating and maintaining a viable investment plan is important for all businesses.

Whether making a new investment or reviewing your portfolio, we will give you independent advice and work with you to help build a solid strategy.

Our advisers will:

  • Tailor a plan that works for you and your business, to achieve short and long-term goals
  • Monitor your funds and adapt to any changing objectives to make sure your strategy stays as proactive as your business

Our Guide to Investing

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