Tax Accountants Durham

Our tax accountants Durham and across the North East, provide various forms of tax services and advice to our clients.

Our taxation teams offer a wide range of proactive tax compliance and advisory payroll services. 


The team will meet with you to understand your business objectives and provide tailored proactive tax advice, based on the latest HMRC practices. The taxation team will regularly review legislative developments, updating and advising you on how this could impact you or your business.



Corporate Tax Durham

 Our corporate tax teams in Durham and the North East, help companies manage corporate tax compliance and tax costs. Through tax reliefs and exemptions that are available in the UK, the skilled and dedicated tax team work with shareholders and finance directors to manage tax costs.  


The team can also structure investments in an efficient tax manner, allowing the business to put more emphasis on investments. This can include R&D for businesses, new plant & machinery or new business ventures.  

The corporate tax team will provide support and advice for corporate tax compliance, claims for Capital Allowances, claims for Intellectual Property Tax Reliefs, Creative Sector Tax Reliefs and advice on trading for companies owned by Not for Profit organisations.


Employment Tax and Payroll Durham

Our tax specialists will manage employee costs and the complex nature of reporting this to HMRC. Payroll and employment tax can be costly and difficult to administer. We help a wide range of companies, of varying sizes and natures to manage employment tax compliance. This includes:

  • Reporting payroll taxes under Real Time Information (RTI).

  • Managing payroll related requirements under Auto-Enrolment for Workplace Pensions, including training and software and outsourced payroll support.

  • Managing employment costs by implementing tax efficient remuneration arrangements, this can include salary sacrifice for pensions, holidays, cars and other flexible benefits. 

  • Aiding businesses by managing employment tax risks, this is achieved through ensuring payroll policies and processes are reviewed to identify and address risk areas. 

Our employment tax advisory services in Durham and across the North East can help efficiently manage your employment costs and the employment tax team will use the latest payroll software for your tax processing, to ensure they meet the requirements effectively and efficiently. 

Private Client Tax Durham

 We work with individuals on their income, capital gains and inheritance taxes to make sure they are properly reported and legitimately minimised. Our Personal Tax Compliance team in Durham and the North East will take all reliefs and exemptions into account, finding out which you are entitled to and can benefit from. The team will be fully transparent with you, letting you know when your taxes are due or any complex affairs that need reporting to HMRC.

VAT and Indirect Taxes Durham

Our team supports businesses in managing VAT compliance requirements, transactions and cash flow impacts from transactions. VAT can be extremely complex for both businesses and charities. Our Durham and North East based tax accountants can support you with various aspects of VAT including, but not limited to, VAT compliance, VAT registration and VAT health checks. 

Acquisition and Sales Tax Durham

Our tax advisors assist in managing tax costs of mergers and acquisitions, as tax should be a key consideration in the planning of business transactions. 

Tax should be taken into account for disposals, acquisitions or reorganisations of group structures. You can benefit from various tax reliefs and exemptions, and our team can identify this at the earliest opportunity.

The Durham and North East teams will plan your transaction from a tax perspective; structuring disposals and acquisitions in an efficient tac manner, reviewing legal documentation and structuring incentive mechanisms from a management perspective.

Property Taxes Durham

Our tax accountants can also support businesses tax requirements if their operations include property construction, property investment or property in commercial enterprises. Property transactions can be paired with a wide range of tax issues including Corporate Tax, Stamp Duty Land Tax, VAT, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. Our tax teams can advise on tax reliefs in these areas, and identify those which you are entitled to. This could be Land Remediation Relief, Business Premises Renovation and Capital Allowances.

 Within the property sector our tax team can support a wide range of industries including care homes, hotels and pubs, as well as property developers, construction businesses, owners and investors.

Not for Profit and Charity Taxes Durham

Charities and Not for Profit organisations do not need to pay corporation tax however, they do need to consider employment taxes, VAT and indirect expenses like Stamp Duty. These costs can result in financial difficulties for charities and Not for Profits and our tax accountants are here to alleviate these difficulties. They will ensure all tax compliance requirements are met and effectively managed

IR35 Durham

Changes to IR35 tax reforms came into effect on 6 April 2021. If you need support or have any questions regarding IR35 reforms, contact us on 0191 285 0321 or email

If you’d like further information about our Tax Accountants Durham call 0191 379 1099 or email

You can also read our Tax Avoidance policy here.