Tax Accountants Newcastle

Our tax accountants Newcastle, provide various forms of tax services and advice to our clients, this includes:

Taxation and Payroll Services

The taxation team offers a wide variety of proactive tax compliance and advisory payroll services to companies, shareholders, employers and individuals. We provide real value for our clients and each service we offer features the same key elements of our delivery. We will have a clear conversation with you to understand your objectives and service needs and provide proactive tax advice and compliance services. The advice we give you will be tailored to your specific requirements and we take the latest HMRC practices into account when giving you advice. The team will update you regularly on legislative developments that could impact you or your business. After our initial consultation we will identify your service needs, which is on a ‘no obligation, no cost’ basis. 

Corporate Tax

Our corporate tax team Newcastle, helps companies proactively manage corporate tax compliance obligations and tax costs. The skilled and dedicated tax team work with shareholders and finance directors to manage costs through tax compliance, by using tax reliefs and exemptions that are available in the UK. The team can also support business investors to structure investments in an efficient tax manner, enabling the company to carry out further successful investments. This includes R&D for businesses, new plant & machinery or new business ventures. The corporate tax team covers various areas of compliance and advisory fields. This includes providing corporate tax compliance advice, claims for Capital Allowances, claims for Intellectual Property Tax Reliefs, Creative Sector Tax Reliefs and advice on trading for companies owned by Not for Profit organisations. 


Changes to IR35 tax reforms came into effect on 6 April 2021. If you need support or have any questions regarding IR35 reforms, contact us on 0191 285 0321 or email

Employment Tax and Payroll

We can help you manage the cost of your employees and the complex requirements of reporting their income to HMRC. Managing payroll tax and employment tax is becoming more and more complex and costly to administer. We help companies of all sizes and natures to manage employment tax compliance requirements including reporting payroll taxes under Real Time Information (RTI), managing payroll related requirements under Auto-Enrolment for Workplace Pensions including training and software and outsourced payroll support. We can also manage employment costs by implementing tax efficient remuneration arrangements, this will include salary sacrifice for pensions, holidays card and other flexible benefits. Also aiding businesses by managing employment tax risks, this is achieved through ensuring payroll policies and processes are reviewed to identify and address risk areas. 

We also have a range of employment tax advisory services and through tax efficient remuneration arrangements, we help businesses manage employment costs. The Employment Tax team in Newcastle will use the latest payroll tax software for payroll tax processing. This ensures the requirements are managed proactively and effectively, through efficient data processing. 

Private Client Tax 

We work with individuals to ensure that their income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance taxes are correctly reported and legitimately minimised. We ensure your personal tax compliance requirements are managed proactively through reporting in a timely, accurate manner, communicated to you with “no surprises” and dealt with the lowest possible risk of enquiries from HMRC.  Our Newcastle based Personal Tax Compliance team will help you in making sure your taxes are reported properly. Taking all reliefs and exemptions that you’re entitled to into account. They will also make sure you have plenty of notice for when you will have to pay your tax and if you have complex affairs they can report the taxes to HMRC to minimise any risk of seeking further information.  

VAT and Indirect Taxes

Our team of VAT specialists can assist businesses in managing their VAT compliance requirements, planning transactions and managing the overall costs and cash flow impacts that could ensue. We understand that VAT is commonly the most complex taxes that businesses and charities have to deal with. VAT can be complicated when it comes to understanding if a transaction is subject to tax and the pairing rate. Our VAT team Newcastle, assists clients across a multitude of sectors and at varying sizes, to optimise their indirect tax compliance and management requirements. For example, our VAT specialists work with Charities and Not for Profit organisations, Exporters, Property Developers and Businesses acquiring the trade and assets of an ongoing business. The team can assist on many areas including VAT compliance, VAT registration for standalone entities, Maximising input VAT recoveries for partially exempt businesses and health checks of VAT systems to identify risk areas. 

Acquisition and Sales Tax 

Our experienced team of tax advisers can assist in managing the tax costs of the most complex Mergers and Acquisitions. Tax should be a key consideration in planning, whether your business transaction involves a disposal, acquisition or a reorganisation of a current group structure. This allows you to benefit from a wide range of tax reliefs and exemptions at the earliest opportunity. To identify possible tax costs and savings, the team will help to plan your transaction from a tax perspective. They can structure disposals and acquisitions in a tax efficient manner, review legal documents for the transactions and structuring incentive mechanisms for key management.  

Property Taxes

If your business involves property construction, property investment or involves property in wider commercial enterprises, our team can proactively manage your taxes. Property transactions include a wide range of tax issues, Stamp Duty Land Tax, Corporate Tax, VAT, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, which our team have extensive experience in. They can also advise on tax reliefs that may apply, such as Capital Allowances, Land Remediation Relief, Business Premises Renovation Allowance and Stamp Duty Land Tax reliefs. In the property sector, our team can assist residential and nursing care home operators, hotel, pub and club operators, housing developers, commercial and industrial property owners and users, also land remediation companies, architects and consulting engineers. They can also support developers and property construction businesses as well as owners and investors. 

Taxes for Charities and Not for Profits 

Charities and Not for Profit organisations might not have to pay corporation tax, but they have to consider employment taxes, VAT and other indirect taxes and transaction taxes like Stamp Duty. The costs that are associated with these taxes can pose significant financial pressure on Charities and Not for Profit organisations and our team will work with trustees, management and directors to manage tax costs and compliance requirements. The team can advise Charities, Not for Profit organisations and Social Enterprises such as Co-Operatives, Industrial & Provident Societies and Community Interest Companies. The Tax team will ensure all tax compliance requirements are met pro-actively and are effectively managed. 

We also have a strong policy on Tax Avoidance, which you can read in full here.

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