Tax Reliefs for Intellectual Property

We help UK companies and their shareholders to identify and claim corporate tax reliefs that exist for the creation of Intellectual Property.

During the last 15 years the UK has introduced a range of tax reliefs for intellectual property including the Research & Development Tax Relief, Patent Box, the Creative Sector Tax Reliefs and tax relief for acquired Intangible Assets.

We have a specialist team focused on advising companies that create Intellectual Property, who have:

  • Successfully claimed more than £20m in tax repayments via the R&D Tax Reliefs system since 2011, during which time more than 200 claims identifying in excess of £100m of R&D have been made
  • Helped companies in the Oil & Gas, Construction, Software Development, Games Development, Food & Drink and Automotive Sectors
  • Made claims under the Patent Box and Creative Sector provisions
  • Helped clients obtain formal clearances in advance in relation to transactions where aspects of the tax treatment are either novel or uncertain
  • Our Intellectual Property team work with companies to help them understand how they can maximise the value of their Intellectual Property, for example:
  • Identifying and capturing expenditure that qualifies for relief under the R&D Tax Relief or Creative Sector Tax Relief
  • Identifying and capturing income that can qualify for Patent Box
  • Advising on the impact of acquisition, disposal, transfer or licencing of intellectual property
  • Obtaining advance clearance from HMRC on the impact of new legislation in relation to proposed transactions


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