Tania Ormston – Tax Assistant

Which department do you work in at Tait Walker?

I work in the tax department, I am a Tax Apprentice and I’ve been in the role since May 2012.

How did you get there?

I was at Northumbria University studying Mathematics with Business Management, but I found that I wasn’t enjoying the course or university in general. I began looking at ways of learning whilst working and found the apprenticeship website and applied for a job with Tait Walker.

What’s the work and day-to-day experience like?

The work is really interesting and I really enjoy it! It’s so varied and I love that I’m not doing the same thing day-in day-out. I do personal and corporation tax along with some research & development and employment tax so every day is different.

What stand-out projects have you been involved with?

I assisted on an R&D tax relief claim that benefited the client by £300,000. In the first year that I joined Tait Walker, I took part in our 75 years charity event which saw us raise around £95,000 for local charities including St Oswald’s Hospice. In terms of other activities, I have attended various networking events to start building up a network of business contacts. I’ve had lots of support to start my career and get involved in lots of different things!

Is there any advice you’d like to pass on to those about to enter an accountancy workplace?

If you want to work in an accountancy workplace, I would advise choosing the apprenticeship route. The experience, knowledge and support you get whilst also earning and starting a career is great.


Sam Nichol – Marketing Executive


Which department do you work in at Tait Walker?

I joined Tait Walker in August 2014 and I work in the marketing department as Marketing Executive.

How did you get there?

I graduated from Northumbria University with a BA Hons degree in Journalism and had been in a role for around 10 months that didn’t really suit me or where I wanted to take my career. I spent some time researching my career options and came to the conclusion that I saw my future in marketing, where I could combine my qualifications with my creativity.

I used Northumbria University’s ‘Graduates into Business’ scheme to search for marketing internships and roles and came across Tait Walker’s advert for a Marketing Assistant. I was immediately drawn to what the role entailed so I applied – and the rest is history!

What’s the work and day-to-day experience like?

Every day is different in the marketing department, which is one of the main reasons I love it! I do a wide variety of tasks, such as blogging, preparing proposals, designing flyers, helping to organise events, managing our social media accounts and more. There is a real mix of more conventional tasks and ones where I can put on my creative cap, and I really enjoy having that balance.

What stand-out things have you been involved with?

When I first began my role at Tait Walker, there were only a few weeks to go until the unveiling of our brand new website which the marketing team had been working on for months. That was a really exciting time as a lot of time and effort had been put into it and it was such a huge change in comparison to the previous website. The day of the site launch was brilliant and, although there were a few minor hiccups along the way, it received a lot of positive response and it felt like the beginning of a new branding era for Tait Walker.

I have also been involved in various charity projects, notably the Great North Snowdogs where we had our very own mascot, Addam Upright! The whole experience was absolutely amazing and  one of the highlights was being the ‘voice’ of Addam on his very own Twitter page! The entire trail ended up raising £259,000 for St Oswald’s Hospice and I was so proud and pleased to be part of such a fantastic charity event in the region.

Is there any advice you’d like to pass on to those about to enter an accountancy workplace?

Although I’m not an accountant, my piece of advice when entering any new role would be to ask questions; don’t be shy! At Tait Walker there is always somebody to help and offer advice.